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Reflections: Spring

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

Springtime is an inspirational season for me. It's not only the season that I was born, but April also marks the seven-year anniversary of Organize with Faith and the two year anniversary of the Organize With Faith Podcast (Go, April! Go, OWF Team!).

I'm not sure what it is, but Spring seems to stimulate action and growth in my life. The moment, I see tulips hugging trees along Park Avenue, is that moment I've re-committed to myself, my space, to my family and friends. Not only am I decluttering, cleaning and moving around furniture, but I am also making future plans and reviewing what I've done over the past year.

This season shines a light on the fruits of my labor (or lack thereof) and holds me accountable to my life's responsibilities. But more so, this season motivates me to shake the dust off of my dreams and make room for my desires.

This Spring, I invite you to reflect on the following four questions:

What seeds have I planted over the course of my life and how have they grown?

What seeds would I like to plant in my life?

How will I nurture the seeds that I have I sown?

How do I make room and care for my garden?

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