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Living With Less 4 Week Workshop

Living With Less 4 Week Workshop


This workshop addresses the mental and physical attachment we have to our possessions and the impact it has on our personal space. During this four week course Professional Organizer and Integrative Wellness Life Coach Faith Roberson will educate students on the history of home and hospitality, empower students to explore their attachment to belongings, and provide them with tools and techniques to restore the integrity and balance of their space.


Together, the class will learn how to mindfully work through physical connections and habits in order to pursue the goal of releasing items that no longer serve them. This holistic process delves into the importance of each members personal history, community, values, and ability to give and receive.


    Living With Less will be held via ZOOM once a week. This package also includes 1, one hour private virtual session with Faith or an Organize With Faith Associate. Please note: this is an interactive course with class discussions and group assignments. Students are strongly encouraged to participate with video on in Zoom, participate in class discussions, and partner with other classmates on specific assignments. 


    This course is non-refundable. Prior to class beginning you may exchange for another workshop or a credit towards Organize With Faith organizing or coaching services.


    Week One: Perfection

    Week Two : Declutter 1

    Week Three: Declutter 2

    Week Four: Transitions

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